Name Correction

In numerology, names are seen as carrying vibrations that can affect a person’s life. Altering the spelling of a name to align it with more favorable numbers can help the native to change their overall situation. This adjustment can bring better opportunities, improved harmony, or increased success by syncing the name’s vibrations with specific numbers considered beneficial.

My Approach:

I’ve encountered many people who were facing challenges until they altered their names. It’s amazing how their lives took a major turn after changing the spelling of their names. I’m one of those people too!


What to Expect from a Consultation?

In name correction report, I deeply grasp my client’s situation& their numerology chart, offering a slight possible change in the spelling of their names. This can also be done for Business names.

Anticipate a pdf within 4-5 working days. Looking forward to connecting with you.


What are the other types of Numerology Reports I provide?

In Numerology, I offer sessions that light up different parts of your life. I want you to feel comfortable asking anything, so I structure sessions based on the number of questions you have. If you’re feeling a bit lost and can’t find the right words, I’m here to help you figure out the questions.

You can explore all kinds readings like Relationship Compatibility, Career Choices, Business Decisions, Yearly Forecasts, Phone Number or House Number Numerology etc. 


My Commitment:

Confidentiality and Respect are integral to my consultations. I read tarot every day for everyone, no matter who you are or what you’re going through in life. I care about people more than anything, and my goal is to help you make good choices and healing themselves. I want you to feel safe and supported when we talk.

Reserve a slot for

» Name Spelling Correction (1 Name) : 799/- INR

(Can be done for Business or Personal Names)

You will get a voice note on whatsapp within 4-7 days.

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