Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing is like having a magical tool to get answers to your questions. It’s a swinging crystal pendulum energized to acts like a guide, helping us tap into your inner wisdom and energy.

When you ask a question, the pendulum responds with its unique movements, revealing insights and emotions tied to your query.

But it’s not just about birthdates; we can use it to choose the right house numbers, mobile numbers, important dates and even spellings of  any name. It helps us make decisions that feel just right, like choosing the perfect path in this big journey of life.


My Approach:

In my work as a pendulum dowsing expert, I aim to be like a caring friend, using a swinging pendulum to help me explore your questions and find meaningful answers. I want to bring clarity and understanding to your decisions, making the process feel like a heart-to-heart chat with the universe.


What to Expect from a Consultation:

In my paid consultations, I deeply grasp my client’s situation, offering insightful answers to guide them towards making better life decisions.

Anticipate a heartfelt voice note response within 4-5 working days. Looking forward to connecting with you.


What are the different types of Pendulum Dowsing Reports?

In Numerology, I offer sessions that light up different parts of your life. I want you to feel comfortable asking anything, so I structure sessions based on the number of questions you have. If you’re feeling a bit lost and can’t find the right words, I’m here to help you figure out the questions.

You can explore all kinds readings like Yes or No question Readings, Which Chakra is Imbalanced, Vaastu Dosha in different directions of home etc.


My Commitment:

Confidentiality and Respect are integral to my consultations. I read tarot every day for everyone, no matter who you are or what you’re going through in life. I care about people more than anything, and my goal is to help you make good choices and healing themselves. I want you to feel safe and supported when we talk.

Reserve a slot for

» 5 Yes or No Questions : 299/- INR

I will answer only yes or no without any details. You will get a voice note on whatsapp within 4-7 days.

» For One Person : 399/- INR

Note : You will get the report in voice note within 4-7 days.

You will get :

1. Which chakra is imbalanced?

2. Which crystal to wear or any combination of crystals?

3. Which sound healing to do ?

» Vastu Dosha Scanning : 299/- INR

Note : I will only answer in which direction the Vastu Dosh is, without any remedies. You will get a voice note on Whatsapp within 4-7 days.

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