Peach Moonstone Round Beads Bracelet for Women (8mm)


This beautiful crystal helps you feel more balanced and calm by easing stress. It’s like a soothing friend, especially for artists or anyone looking for inspiration. With a connection to intuition and a nurturing quality, Peach Moonstone is perfect for promoting understanding and empathy in relationships. Whether you wear it as jewelry or use it during meditation, Peach Moonstone brings a peaceful energy, perfect for exploring your spiritual side and growing personally.


♥ “Kindly write your name in “notes” during the checkout process, to ensure that this particular crystal is specifically charged for you.”

♥ “We provide a guide page with every order on How to use your crystals ?”


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No. of beads : Each bracelet has 22-25 beads.

Size of the Bracelet : It is a M size bracelet handmade with stretchable elastic.

Diameter : 2.5 Inch. | Stone Size – 8 mm | Shape – Round


Chakra: Peach Moonstone is primarily associated with the Sacral Chakra, also known as the Svadhisthana. The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel. It is associated with emotions, creativity, sensuality, and the flow of energy related to pleasure, passion, and relationships.

Numerology: In numerology, Peach Moonstone is associated with the number 7. The number 7 is considered a mystical and introspective number, representing spiritual and intuitive pursuits. It is a number that encourages deep introspection, inner wisdom, and the exploration of higher truths.

Planet: Moonstone, in general, is associated with the Moon due to its name and its connection to lunar energies.

Zodiac: Peach Moonstone is best for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus & Libra Zodiac signs.


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Benefits of Peach Moonstone Bracelet

1. Emotional Healing: Peach Moonstone is known for its soothing and calming properties. Wearing a Peach Moonstone bracelet helps balance emotions, reduce stress, and promote emotional healing and stability.

2. Nurturing and Unconditional Love: Peach Moonstone is associated with nurturing and unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra, fostering compassion, empathy, and promoting healthy relationships.

3. Hormonal Balance: Peach Moonstone is associated with balancing hormonal cycles and emotions. It supports women’s reproductive health, ease menstrual discomfort, and promote hormonal equilibrium.

4. Intuition and Inner Wisdom: Peach Moonstone enhances intuition and psychic abilities. Wearing a Peach Moonstone bracelet helps you connect with your inner wisdom and trust your intuitive insights.

5. Creativity and Inspiration: Peach Moonstone stimulates creativity and enhance artistic expression. It can assist in accessing one’s imaginative and intuitive abilities, making it beneficial for artists, writers, and creative individuals.

6. Soothing Energy: Peach Moonstone has a gentle and nurturing energy. It can provide a sense of calmness, relaxation, and well-being, making it beneficial for those dealing with anxiety or stress-related issues.

7. Self-Expression and Confidence: Peach Moonstone is associated with self-expression and confidence. It can help you communicate your thoughts and emotions effectively while promoting self-assurance and assertiveness.

8. Spiritual Growth and Connection: Peach Moonstone supports spiritual growth and enhance spiritual connection. It can assist in meditation, dream work, and connecting with higher realms of consciousness.

9. Intimacy and Sensuality: Peach Moonstone is associated with enhancing sensuality and intimacy. It can help deepen emotional connections, ignite passion, and promote healthy sexual energy.

10. Yin Energy and Balance: Peach Moonstone have a yin or feminine energy, associated with nurturing, empathy, and receptivity. Wearing a Peach Moonstone bracelet help balance the masculine and feminine energies within oneself.


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» Who can wear Peach Moonstone bracelet ?

Peach Moonstone bracelets can be worn by a diverse range of individuals, as they are generally considered gentle and supportive crystals. Here are some categories of people who might find Peach Moonstone bracelets particularly beneficial:

  1. Emotional Seekers: Individuals looking to enhance emotional balance, soothe stress, and promote a sense of calm can benefit from wearing Peach Moonstone.
  2. Intuitive Individuals: Those seeking to strengthen their intuition and connect with their inner guidance may find Peach Moonstone supportive.
  3. Creative Souls: Artists, writers, and individuals involved in creative pursuits may appreciate Peach Moonstone for its association with stimulating creativity and imagination.
  4. Those Exploring Feminine Energies: Peach Moonstone is often associated with the divine feminine and nurturing energies. Individuals exploring or connecting with their feminine side may find it resonant.
  5. People Working on Relationship Harmony: Those looking to foster harmony in relationships, enhance communication, and deepen understanding with partners can consider wearing Peach Moonstone.
  6. Individuals Dealing with Anxiety: The soothing energy of Peach Moonstone may be beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety or emotional turmoil.
  7. Spiritual Practitioners: Individuals on a spiritual journey or engaging in spiritual practices may find Peach Moonstone supportive in enhancing spiritual awareness.
  8. Expectant Mothers: Traditionally, Moonstone, including Peach Moonstone, is considered supportive for women during pregnancy, and after pregnancy, providing a calming and nurturing energy.


» Best day to wear Peach Moonstone bracelet?

Monday is often considered a day associated with the Moon, and Moonstone, including Peach Moonstone, is connected to lunar energies. Therefore, wearing your Peach Moonstone bracelet on a Monday might be considered auspicious.


» In which hand to wear Peach Moonstone bracelet?

Wear Peach Moonstone in Left hand.


» Who shall NOT wear Peach Moonstone bracelet?

Peach Moonstone can be worn by anyone.


» Can i eat non-veg or consume alcohol while wearing Peach Moonstone bracelet ?

You shall remove your crystal while consuming alcohol and eating non-veg.


» How to charge Peach Moonstone bracelet ?

All Crystals needs to be charged before wearing or keeping at home by a professional to get best results. Enter specific name (for whom to energise the bracelet) during checkout for personalized benefits.

“I personally charge and programme each crystal, before dispatching the order.”


» What if I do not want to wear it anytime. Can i remove it ?

If you don’t wish to wear it anytime, keep it in your pocket or with your cloths. For best results, wear it daily.


» What if Peach Moonstone bracelet breaks ?

Do not worry if your crystal ever breaks or fades with time, it comes with an energy and purpose in your life. If Peach Moonstone fades or breaks, have usual cracks inside it, do not wear it again. Its purpose is completed. Buy a new crystal in such cases.


» Can I share my Peach Moonstone bracelet with any other person ?

No, you shall never share your crystal with any other person.


» Can I wear Peach Moonstone while sleeping ?

Wearing Peach Moonstone during sleep may potentially enhance your dreams, promote a sense of calmness, and provide emotional support.



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Peach Moonstone Round Beads Bracelet for Women (8mm)
Peach Moonstone Round Beads Bracelet for Women (8mm)