Abalone shell Sea Shell Oval Pendant for Attraction


Abalone shell promotes emotional balance, enhance intuition, and foster a deeper connection with the ocean’s calming energies. Its unique colors and patterns make it a symbol of creativity and spiritual growth. Wear this crystal to experience a sense of harmony, creativity, and inner peace in your daily life.


“Kindly write your name in “notes” during the checkout process, to ensure that this particular crystal is specifically charged for you.”

♥ “We provide a guide page with every order on How to use your crystals ?”


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Size : Size of the pendant may vary.

In Order : You will get a pendant with a charged red cotton thread and a guide page


Chakra: Abalone Shell is connected with the Third Eye Chakra.

Numerology: Abalone Shell is related to Numerology number 7 because of its vibrant colors.

Planet: Because of the ocean crystal, it is related to moon and neptune.

Zodiac: All zodiac signs can wear abalone shell crystal. Mainly, it resonated with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (Water signs) and Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (Air Signs).


How to cleanse your crystals by aanchal tarot


Benefits of Abalone Shell Crystal

  1. Balancing Energies: Abalone shells promotes a sense of balance and harmony. Wearing an abalone shell crystal helps align the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies within the body. The iridescent colors of the shell are associated with balancing chakras and restoring equilibrium.
  2. Emotional Stability: Wearing abalone shell jewelry aids in emotional healing. It’s soothes feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness, promoting a sense of calmness and tranquility. This emotional stability can lead to better stress management and an overall uplifted mood.
  3. Connection to the Ocean: The abalone shell is linked symbolically to the ocean, holding the energy of the sea. Wearing an abalone shell crystal evoke a sense of connection to the ocean’s calming and cleansing properties, bringing about feelings of renewal and freshness.
  4. Enhanced Creativity: Abalone shells stimulates creativity and imagination. Wearing a crystal made from this shell inspires artistic expression, encourage innovative thinking, and help overcome creative blocks.
  5. Spiritual Growth: For those on a spiritual journey, abalone shells aid in spiritual development. Wearing an abalone shell crystal serves as a reminder to stay connected to one’s inner self, fostering growth, intuition, and self-awareness.
  6. Unique Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its purported benefits, an abalone shell crystal is visually captivating. Its unique patterns make it an attractive accessory that complements various styles and outfits, adding a touch of natural beauty to any look.




» Best day to wear Abalone Shell crystal?

Abalone shell crystal can be worn on anyday. Monday is also a good day to start wearing abalone shell.


» Can i eat non-veg or consume alcohol while wearing Abalone Shell crystal?

You shall remove your crystal while consuming alcohol and eating non-veg.


» How to charge Abalone Shell crystal ?

All Crystals needs to be charged before wearing or keeping at home by a professional to get best results. Enter specific name (for whom to energise the crystal) during checkout for personalized benefits.

“I personally charge and programme each crystal, before dispatching the order.”


» What if I do not want to wear it anytime. Can i remove it ?

If you don’t wish to wear it anytime, keep it in your pocket or with your cloths. For best results, wear it daily.


» What if Abalone Shell crystal breaks ?

Do not worry if your crystal ever breaks or fades with time, it comes with an energy and purpose in your life. If Abalone Shell crystal fades or breaks, have usual cracks inside it, do not wear it again. Its purpose is completed. Buy a new crystal in such cases.


» Can I share my Abalone Shell crystal with any other person ?

No, you shall never share your crystal with any other person.


» Can I wear Abalone Shell crystal while sleeping ?

Yes, you can wear abalone shell while sleeping too.



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Abalone shell pendant oval
Abalone shell Sea Shell Oval Pendant for Attraction