Carnelian Mini Pencil Pendant for Vitality


Carnelian is known for enhancing courage, confidence, and motivation, carnelian is believed to stimulate creativity and ignite a passion for life. This vibrant gemstone is also associated with promoting positive energy, dispelling lethargy, and fostering a sense of empowerment.

Additionally, carnelian is thought to have healing properties, supporting the circulatory system and boosting overall vitality. 


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Chakra: Carnelian is primarily associated with the Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana), promoting creativity, passion, and emotional balance.

Numerology: The crystal resonates with the numerology number 5, reflecting adaptability, positive change, and personal freedom. It can also be related to number 9 or 1.

Planet: Carnelian is linked with the energy of Mars, infusing wearers with courage, vitality, and a driving force.

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Benefits of Carnelian Pendant

  1. Pregnancy & Menstruation: It improves the menstruation cycle of a women and helps women in conceiving.
  2. Energy and Vitality: Carnelian enhances physical energy, stamina, and vitality. Wearing a Carnelian pendant can help promote a sense of rejuvenation and motivation.
  3. Confidence and Courage: Carnelian is associated with boosting self-confidence and courage. It helps to overcome fears and self-doubt, enabling you to take bold steps and face challenges with resilience.
  4. Creativity and Inspiration: Carnelian is known to stimulate creativity and enhance artistic expression. Wearing a Carnelian pendant may help you tap into your creative potential and find inspiration for various artistic endeavors.
  5. Emotional Healing: Carnelian have a soothing effect on emotional wounds and traumas. It can assist in releasing negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and sadness, promoting emotional healing and stability.
  6. Motivation and Ambition: Carnelian enhances motivation and ignite ambition. It can provide a sense of purpose and drive, helping you set and achieve goals while maintaining focus and determination.
  7. Enhancing Relationships: Carnelian is associated with fostering positive relationships and improving social interactions. It promotes trust, compassion, and harmony, strengthening connections with others.
  8. Grounding and Stability: Despite being an energizing stone, Carnelian is also known to provide a grounding effect. It can help you stay rooted in the present moment, promoting stability, and preventing excessive daydreaming or distraction.
  9. Physical Well-being: Carnelian is believed to have several physical benefits. It may aid in digestion, improve circulation, and boost the immune system. Wearing a Carnelian pendant is thought to support overall health and well-being.
  10. Manifestation and Abundance: Carnelian is associated with the manifestation of goals and attracting abundance. It is believed to amplify intention and help manifest desires into reality.
  11. Chakra Activation: Carnelian is commonly associated with the Sacral Chakra, which is related to creativity, passion, and sexuality. Wearing a Carnelian pendant is believed to activate and balance this energy center.




» Who can wear Carnelian pendant ?

Carnelian pendants are suitable for individuals seeking enhanced creativity, confidence, and vitality. However, Carnelian pendants are suitable for both men and women and can be worn by anyone.

Also, Carnelian’s energetic properties align well with the characteristics of Aries. It can enhance Aries’ natural enthusiasm, motivation, and determination. Carnelian is believed to promote vitality, boost confidence, and support Aries individuals in taking action and pursuing their goals.


» Best day to wear Carnelian pendant?

Tuesday is considered an auspicious day to wear carnelian, aligning with the energy of Mars.


» Will Carnelian pendant harm in anyway?

Never, Carnelian never harms any person in any way. People who already have high energies shall avoid carnelian.


» Precautions while wearing Carnelian pendant?

There are no such precautions when wearing a Carnelian pendant. This can be used in water. We recommend not to use soap water on it. A prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the colour of your crystal.


» Can i eat non-veg or consume alcohol while wearning carnelian pendant ?

You shall remove your crystal while consuming alcohol and eating non-veg.


» How to charge carnelian pendant ?

All Crystals needs to be charged before wearing or keeping at home by a professional to get best results. Enter specific name (for whom to energise the pendant) during checkout for personalized benefits.

“I personally charge and programme each crystal, before dispatching the order.”


» What if I do not want to wear it anytime. Can i remove it ?

If you don’t wish to wear it anytime, keep it in your pocket or with your cloths. For best results, wear it daily.


» What if  carnelian pendant breaks ?

Do not worry if your crystal ever breaks or fades with time, it comes with an energy and purpose in your life. If carnelian fades or breaks, have usual cracks inside it, do not wear it again. Its purpose is completed. Buy a new crystal in such cases.


» Can I share my carnelian pendant with any other person ?

No, you shall never share your crystal with any other person.


» Can I wear carnelian while sleeping ?

It is NOT recommended to wear carnelian while sleeping.




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Carnelian Mini Pencil Pendant for Vitality