Amazonite Semi Finished Small Tumbles


Amazonite is a captivating crystal, associated with the throat chakra, promotes clear communication and self-expression.


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Size of the Tumble / Rock : The size of the each tumble / rock may vary


Benefits of Amazonite

Amazonite, known as the “Gambling Stone,” is considered ideal for stock market endeavors and lottery pursuits.

It is highly effective for healing the heart chakra and addressing emotional past traumas.

This crystal facilitates deep healing of the throat and thyroid glands, promoting improved communication.

Amazonite is recommended for aiding in the treatment of alcoholism.

It instills courage in the wearer, empowering them to conquer life’s challenges.

The stone derives its name from the semi-mythical Amazon warriors of Ancient Mesopotamia, an all-female group known for their fierceness.

Amazonite enhances creativity and is believed to bring good luck into the wearer’s life.

It is said to assist in manifesting wishes and attracting new opportunities.

Amazonite is considered an excellent gift for partners


How to use Tumble / Rock ?

  1. A tumble or rough rock is a small crystal, that can be used to keep on table as show piece.
  2. It can also be used for meditation purposes. Keep the stone at specific area and meditate.
  3. One can also keep the stones in pocket and carry them along.
  4. A small glass bowl can also be used to keep different colourful tumbles on table.
  5. Only few crystals can be used to drink water, others can be hazardous to health. kindly consult a professional before any such use.
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Amazonite Semi Finished Small Tumbles