Amethyst Round Beads Bracelet for Health & Protection (8mm)


Amethyst is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and soothe stress. Its calming energy helps to create a tranquil environment. Amethyst is associated with spiritual development and  for meditation, helping to deepen one’s connection to higher realms and inner wisdom. Amethyst enhance <strong>mental clarity, concentration, and focus</strong>, making it a valuable aid for decision-making and problem-solving.


“Kindly write your name in “notes” during the checkout process, to ensure that this particular crystal is specifically charged for you.”

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No. of beads: Each Amethyst Bracelet has 22-25 beads.

Size of the Bracelet: It is a M size Bracelet handmade with stretchable elastic.

Diameter: 2.5 Inch. | Stone Size – 8 mm | Shape – Round


Chakra: Amethyst is primarily associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras.

Numerology: Amethyst is linked with the numerology number 8.

Planet: Amethyst is connected with the planet Saturn.

Zodiac: Amethyst is associated with Pisces zodiac sign.


Benefits of Amethyst Bracelet

  1. Spiritual and Emotional Healing: It is associated with spiritual and emotional healing. It helps to balance and calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote inner peace.
  2. Stress Reduction: It is considered a stone that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Wearing an amethyst bracelet serve as a reminder to stay calm and centered in stressful situations.
  3. Enhanced Intuition and Spiritual Awareness: It enhances intuition and spiritual awareness. Wearing an amethyst bracelet helps to connect with higher states of consciousness and promote a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.
  4. Improved Sleep: It is associated with promoting restful sleep and relieving insomnia. Wearing an amethyst bracelet, particularly during nighttime can help improve the quality of sleep.
  5. Protection and Purification: It is considered a protective stone that can ward off negative energies. Wearing an amethyst bracelet may be seen as a way to create a protective shield around the wearer.
  6. Enhanced Creativity and Focus: It with enhanced creativity and improved focus. Wearing an amethyst bracelet during creative activities or work may be thought to stimulate the mind and encourage clearer thinking.
  7. Balancing Energy Centers: Amethyst is associated with balancing the crown chakra, which is the energy center related to spiritual connection and higher consciousness.


It is best for health healing and protection.


» Who can wear Amethyst Bracelet ?

  1. Spirituality: Amethyst is associated with spiritual growth, awareness, and enlightenment. Individuals interested in meditation, mindfulness, or spiritual practices find amethyst bracelets appealing.
  2. Calming Energy: Amethyst have a calming and soothing energy. People who seek emotional balance, stress relief, or help with depression choose to wear amethyst bracelets.
  3. Protection: Amethyst have protective qualities, shielding individuals from negative energies. People who believe in crystal energy for protection choose to wear amethyst bracelets. Tarot card readers also use amethyst widely.
  4. Birthstone: Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and individuals born in that month wear amethyst as a personal and symbolic stone.



» Best day to wear Amethyst Bracelet:

Wearing Amethyst on Saturdays enhance its calming and spiritually supportive properties.


» In which hand to wear Amethyst Bracelet ?

Wear Amethyst bracelet in left hand for focus, health etc. and right hand for protection.


» Who shall NOT wear Amethyst Bracelet ?

It can be worn by anyone.


» Can I eat non-veg or consume alcohol while wearing Bracelet  ?

You shall remove your crystal while consuming alcohol and eating non-veg.


» How to charge Bracelet  ?

All Crystals needs to be charged before wearing or keeping at home by a professional to get best results. Enter specific name (for whom to energise the Bracelet) during checkout for personalized benefits.

“I personally charge and programme each crystal, before dispatching the order.”


» What if I do not want to wear it anytime. Can i remove it ?

If you don’t wish to wear it anytime, keep it in your pocket or with your cloths. For best results, wear it daily.


» What if Bracelet breaks ?

Do not worry if your crystal ever breaks or fades with time, it comes with an energy and purpose in your life. If Amethyst fades or breaks, have usual cracks inside it, do not wear it again. Its purpose is completed. Buy a new crystal in such cases.


» Can I share my Bracelet with any other person ?

No, you shall never share your crystal with any other person.


» Can I wear while sleeping ?

Yes you can wear amethyst while sleeping.

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Amethyst Round Beads Bracelet (8mm)
Amethyst Round Beads Bracelet for Health & Protection (8mm)