Citrine Finished Round Tumbles AAA Quality


Citrine enhances confidence and attracts abundance, complementing Tiger’s Eye’s courage-boosting and clarity-enhancing properties.


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Size of the Tumble / Rock : The size of the each tumble / rock may vary.


Benefits of Citrine

  1. Citrine is known as the “merchant stone” and is highly regarded for its ability to generate wealth and attract money.
  2. Linked to the solar plexus, it proves beneficial for digestive issues and all stomach-related problems.
  3. This crystal is associated with willpower and confidence, helping to bring joy in life and heal old emotions, anxiety, and depression.
  4. Due to its yellow color, Citrine is also connected to Jupiter and is considered effective in strengthening the Jupiter planet.
  5. It is recommended for students and professionals aiming for success in their endeavors.
  6. Citrine is believed to attract luck in business and is a valuable crystal for those seeking financial prosperity.


How to use Tumble / Rock ?

  1. A tumble or rough rock is a small crystal, that can be used to keep on table as show piece.
  2. It can also be used for meditation purposes. Keep the stone at specific area and meditate.
  3. One can also keep the stones in pocket and carry them along.
  4. A small glass bowl can also be used to keep different colorful tumbles on table.

Only few crystals can be used to drink water, others can be hazardous to health. kindly consult a professional before any such use

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Citrine Finished Round Tumbles AAA Quality